Funeral Service Owners…

Have you ever wanted to get more business from the internet, but technology or high costs have always prevented you from getting started?

If so, then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

There’s nothing worse than feeling left behind.

You end up feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the jargon you just don’t understand.

In the past this job was handled by your web designer.

The BIG problem is that most web designers are more interested in creating something that looks good, rather than getting results.

That’s why today I’m proud to share with you my video marketing service that’s dedicated to your business sector.

Here at Click Web Marketing Ltd we’ve been helping local businesses with their online marketing for over 7 years.

As the name suggests, Click Web Marketing helps you to tap into the lucrative online market with ease.

Now what makes this service different to any other Online services out there is that there’s NO additional costs – No hourly fees, no design fees, no web hosting costs and no need for you to learn any technical stuff AND you’re covered by my money back guarantee!

Let me show you exactly how this works –

Click on the video below…

First Page of Google Ranking Q & A

How does this work?

Firstly our team will customise the video to your needs. Once the video is signed off by you, we will then get to work on preparing it for ranking on page 1 of Google locally. This can take up to 10 days depending on the local competition. You will receive an exclusive lifetime licence for your video for your area. We make no secret of the fact that we do offer this service to other companies outside of your area. This is done on a ‘distance from your postcode’ basis, which we agree in writing prior to commencing work. Everything we do is transparent and open. The thumbnail image that viewers see on the first page of Google will be exclusive to you. This could be your logo, an ad with your telephone on or an image you supply. Our designers will take care of those details before it goes live.

Can I put the video on my website too?

We highly recommend that you do. Video holds the viewers attention for longer and communicates a powerful ‘call to action’ message. Google also recognises websites that have videos as being more informative and therefore ranks them higher too.

Are you saying there’s also a spin off for my website too if I have a video on page 1 of Google.

Absolutely yes, all the evidence shows that websites that have videos embedded in them and also have videos on youtube with links pointing back to that website, will always rank higher than a website that has no video presence.

What guarantee do we have that this will work?

Great question. We are 100% confident that we can put your video on page 1 of google for local searches that we offer a Rock Solid 60 day money back guarantee. This applies to the video ranking charge (50% of the full price)

What happens if we take you up on the guarantee?

No questions asked refund. Our tracking software gives us a thorough breakdown of where your video ranks within google and youtube. We’ll monitor this weekly and do everything we can to make sure it does rank on page 1. That’s a great incentive for us deliver the goods and an unbeatable guarantee for you.

Can we change the voice over to add more details about our service?

The script for this video was written by a professional script writer. We took great care to sell the benefits of your service and not do as many companies do and focus only on the features. But people buy benefits. If however you wish to add more detail and cannot do this using the text areas of the video we will be happy to redo the professional voice over to meet your needs. There will be a small charge for this of £50.00. Some businesses prefer a female voice over. The same charge applies to do this too.

How long do you manage the ranking of our video for?

From the day the video goes live on Youtube we will monitor and rank your video for optimum exposure and performance for two years. That puts your video on Google 24/7 for 730 days. That’s less than the cost of a Latte per day to put your business in front of 1000’s of customers looking for your service. That’s why this works so well, the people viewing your video are actively looking for your services – unlike an ad in a magazine that covers every topic under the sun. This is laser targeted advertising at its best and it doesn’t have a shelf life.

What happens after the 2 years is up?

In terms of your video presence, very little. The video will stay in the search engines for as long as you wish and we certainly wont shut anything down. More often than not your video will be firmly positioned on page 1 of Google. The prior 24 months of work our team puts into optimising your video means it has a solid established foundation. If however your ranking fluctuates due to local competition, we offer a monthly maintenance package at £25 per month. This also includes full access to our Internet Marketing Support – as detailed in the bullet points below.

Here’s what you’ll get for your marketing investment (of less than the cost of a Latte per day)

  • We will customise the above video to your needs.
  • We will fully optimise your youtube video and set up a youtube channel exclusively for your business (this includes your logo and contact details and a google plus listing). We normally charge £300 for this service alone.
  • Supply you with the files/links should you wish your webmaster to add the video to your existing website. (we highly recommend that you do and can assist you with this if you need some specialist help)
  • 24 months of Internet Marketing support ( you will have my direct line so I can answer any questions you have).
  • Over 30 years marketing experience serving local, national and international clients.
  • A Rock Solid guarantee of your video ranking on page 1 of google for local searches.
  • More exposure on Google and other major search engines (we also index your video with Bing/Yahoo)
  • More traffic to your website, more phone calls, emails, more enquiries and more customers.

Still not convinced?
Maybe this isn’t for you, not everyone feels comfortable about using the internet to market their business. The truth is that more people first search online for services like yours before picking up the local yellow pages. It makes sense that potential customers of yours will want to check out your website or video by first searching on Google. Google aim to deliver the best possible results when someone searches for your services locally and that’s where video scores best. Not everyone wants to trawl through a website when really all they want is the reassurance that you are a trusted local company they can trust and feel confident with.

By now you will have made up your mind if this is for you.

The full price for all of this is £798
That’s £399 for the video production (lifetime licence) and £399 for 2 years of  video monitoring and ranking (covered by our 60 day money back guarantee)

Thank you for taking the time to consider this excellent marketing opportunity.

To secure your exclusive position in local listings email me at and we’ll get started on your web marketing project immediately.

To your online success

Kevin Webster

Director. Click Web Marketing Ltd

PS. If you would like to see some solid evidence of how we have ranked videos for businesses in the past. Send me an email and I’ll show you how to search and find our client’s videos ranking high on the first page of Google.  That’s 100% authentic real time results, not screen shots or out of date manufactured evidence.

PPS. We only want action takers. Mobile technology, search engines and digital access is growing exponentially. Those that embrace it and change with the times will benefit from the rewards. For some it means the difference between success and failure, for others it will streamline their marketing, saving them money and time wasted on ineffective modes of advertising. If you want a measurable, transparent and effective return on your investment Contact me today.