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Hello {!firstname_fix},

We have some exciting news for you today.

Dental Enhancements has teamed up with
Autoclave Testing Services, Inc. They
are one of the country's top Spore Testing
We want you to get the most value when
implementing your compliance.

We have negotiated a useful special offer
for you to ensure you're getting the best
pricing on all your Sterilization Monitoring.

All you have to do is Call ATS on:
ATS Toll-Free : 1-877-287-1199 and get
1 Month Free Spore Test Monitoring by
Mentioning Dental Enhancements.

To help you better understand the Infection
Control mandate – requirements
(as they pertain to spore testing) for health
care facilities in your state –

Click on your State below:

Kind Regards

Dental Enhancements LLC

State Frequency Required
Alabama Weekly*
Alaska Weekly*
Arizona Weekly*
Arkansas Monthly
California Weekly
Colorado Weekly*
Connecticut Weekly*
Florida Every 40 hours or at least Monthly
Georgia Weekly*
Hawaii Weekly*
Idaho Weekly*
Indiana Weekly*
Iowa Weekly*
Kansas Weekly*
Kentucky Weekly*
Louisiana Weekly*
Maine Weekly*
Maryland Weekly*
Massachusetts Weekly*
Minnisota Weekly*
Mississippi Weekly*
Missouri Weekly*
Nevada Weekly*
New Hampshire Weekly*
New Jersey Weekly*
New Mexico Weekly*
New York  
North Carolina Weekly*
North Dakota  
Ohio Weekly
Oklahoma Weekly
Oregon Weekly
Pennsylvania Weekly*
Rhode Island Weekly*
South Carolina Weekly*
South Dakota Weekly*
Tennessee Weekly*
Texas Weekly*
Vermont Weekly
Washington Weekly*
West Virginia Weekly*
Wisconsin Weekly*





















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