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Communicating with your customers online is both an art and science. Navigating the world of social media, creating the best videos and guaranteeing your homepage converts visitors into buyers – often feels like another language.

Truth is, language has a massive impact on your success.

The biggest problem with handling your own online marketing is perspective. Being too connected with your business creates a neediness that customers sense immediately. If I asked you, “What’s your biggest selling point or USP” the answer would highlight one of your features or services. This mindset is the biggest turn off for customers and the #1 reason why most businesses fail to succeed with Social Media. Sound familiar?

To explain more about what we do here’s an example: During a recent post for one of our clients, we received 221 comments within 72 hours from a facebook page with only 1600 followers. On that same post, 83 of them comment again to get more information. As you can imagine, this level of engagement can generate serious leads from pre-qualified customers.

Would you like your social media to look like the screenshots opposite?

Using the right tools and applying the right mindset online will make a huge difference to your results. If you have a healthy online following that rarely responds, chances are – you’re not talking their language.

The great news is, we can quickly change that for you

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All work is carried out by me and my passionate team of Online Marketers. We call this ‘proof of theory in practice’ it works for us and it can work for you.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

All I can say to Click Web Marketing is a big THANK YOU. Kevin gave me amazing ideas and many “aha” moments.
After working with Kevin my advice to anyone is, before you think about traffic for your website or hiring a fancy graphic designer you have to improve your sales copy. Kevin’s work will give you the type of conversions you need to put more money in your pocket – then you can think about driving traffic to increase the profits.
Luis Vaugier

Corporate Entertainer, Tokyo, Japan

It was a great pleasure working with Kevin. He is very professional and detail orientated, whenever I need something to be changed or upgraded on my website, he is always more than happy to assist me. Kevin is full of ideas and suggestions, if you are ever short of one, he will always help you. I am very happy to have found him and I know that my website is in the best hands. An amazing person to work with!

Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Pianist & Performer, London. UK

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work and effort that went into transforming the website for Wat’s On Boutique and helping us develop our business marketing plan. We could not have done this without you. You have brought new insights, new information and new ways of selling to our project as well as being very helpful, fast and hard working.
Megan Clappison

Marketing Manager, Wat's On Boutique, Hull. UK

Kevin has been very helpful to us in terms of getting us clear on our vision for our YouTube channel and direction we need to take in order for it to become successful. He has brought the marketing aspect to the project as this has been the missing link for us when it comes to building on our talents. It is reassuring to have someone with this much experience providing direction and expertise. It has saved us money and time.
John McCormack

Leadership Mentor, London. UK

I didn’t have the slightest idea on how to create a professional sales video for my e-commerce website, nor did I have any experience taking care of the search engine optimization for any YouTube video that I put together in the past. After meeting Kevin through a well-known freelancing website he wowed me with sincerity and did a remarkable job of completing the set-up and marketing for my 12 minute sales video. Now I’m finally selling my own book based fat loss plan instead of only vendors products. Thanks again Kevin!
Rich W Tweten

eCommerce Manager, Rich Fitness Enterprise

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